We offer one fabulous package called The Edit! It includes three fully styled looks, or up to 20 items, plus a one hour styling consult, and follow-up support. You can choose any three looks you like (I’ll help you!), and we can focus on specific items you need, too. Additional packages coming soon.


What are the different styling packages you offer?

You'll purchase, book your kickoff styling consult, and complete your style assessment. Please book ASAP as spaces are first come, first serve! After your consult, you’ll receive your looks within two weeks. You’ll send feedback, I’ll make one round of edits, and you'll have your final looks back in one week. Your looks are yours to shop when timing and budget work best for you!


How does the styling process work? 

Once we kickoff with your styling consult, you'll receive your looks within two weeks. Then you’ll send me your feedback. Once I receive your feedback, I'll make one round of edits, and you’ll receive your final looks within one week.


How long does it take to receive my looks?

For now, I’m focusing on the ladies, but the future is TBD!


Do you style men and kids, too, or women only?

I’ll work with you on a price range, and where you’d prefer to save vs splurge! My recommendations are balanced between investing in timeless pieces, and saving where it’s possible, and makes sense. I try to be reasonable! I'm not going to style a whole look with five plus pieces for $20, and I'm also not going to send over head-to-toe Chanel. ;) 


How much should I budget for shopping?

Support, clarity and value. My top priority is that you feel encouraged throughout your styling experience! Hopefully TME stands out as a little less Devil Wears Prada and a lot more loving, though that movie is iconic. ;) I've also built our packages and processes so you're clear about what you're getting. And we pack a value. You'll spend more than (impersonal) boxed styling, and less than traditional personal styling.


What makes The Millie Edit unique?

Style is an expression of beauty, creativity, and the inherent worthiness and dignity of each human being. It also has a lot to do with joy and fun, which strengthen us, and we all need. It's not about being too cool, obsessing over trends, or anything in that camp. It's about you sharing your uniquely amazing self, feeling your best, and confidently shining in your purpose on this earth!


What’s your style philosophy?

Soon! The Edit will continue to be our signature styling package, but additional options are coming. Our next package is called Office Hours, and you can use it to book me for an hour, for whatever you need!


Do you do closet edits or one-on-one consults, etc.?