What else? Outside of fashion and people, I really love: Jesus, Nathan (my dream come true of a husband), and all things art and design. I'm an actress, too! I've been in a Netflix series, voiced gigs for Spotify, and popped up in some fun commercials. Storytelling is magical, right? I'm based in Venice, LA, and lived in New York until 2020. I also did a stint in SF, and grew up in Oklahoma. Living in LA allows me to have sunny days and bougainvillea, but NYC is forever my favorite city. I get my best creative inspo from bopping around there. Anyway, that's a bit about me! I can't wait to hear about you!

I'm Amelia, the "Millie" behind The Millie Edit. :) I have a background in creative direction, branding, and merchandising in the fashion space. It's been awesome being on the brand side, but I've learned how much I enjoy working one-on-one with people! I've also been a bit of a go-to for my friends' style questions over the years. Sooo, all of the above, paired with an entrepreneurial spirit, led me to launch The Millie Edit! 

Founder & Stylist



Amelia Hart


For you to know how uniquely amazing 
you are, and to help you express yourself through exceptional style

MY goal